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I’m Leanne and this is a little about me.

I live on a farm with my husband and daughter, she’s one and very busy, she loves reading, walking on her knees and being stubborn.

I am one of those people who always wanted to be a photographer, I think I liked the way my aunty used to capture us playing and mum always had the camera out, so I remember so many parts of my childhood – plus a photo can always resolve an argument!

There was never a back up plan for me, all I knew is that I wanted to study photography, no painting, design, drawing or anything else and I didn’t want to live in Melbourne.

I initially deferred and didn’t go back until I was 24, but this time to Melbourne. I was in LOVE! Photography all day, darkrooms, the crazy assignments, the lot. I did a quite a few short courses then studied a Diploma in Photography at NMIT.

I did my first wedding for my friends uncle & aunty, such a beautiful couple who I think of every June. They were so lovely and taught me a lot. ( I am still to get a wedding that the bride is an hour late again!) After working in a professional printing lab and learning a whole other side to the process, I decided start my own business. I did a diploma in Graphic Desgin to make sure I wasn’t too slow at the album side of things. It’s now been three years and I’m so glad I did, I have met so many cool people and I still can’t believe it when they choose me.

I stand back and capture what’s real and happening at the time. Yes! I do live far from you ( probably!) I am used to travelling, I actually really enjoy it and it means I get to go to lots of different places and always trying to get the best shot.

I’m now studying a course in birth photography, I am really excited about this! It might seem a strange as I only do a little of baby’s and family’s, however it’s more of a documentary style of photography, recording those precious first moments that are so quickly gone.

I’m a huge believer in printed photos and albums ( who know how long digital will last & not many of us actually get around it printing them) All my packages come with a printed proof set that you can show your children and grandchildren.


Have a nice day x

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